The Perfect 8 Day Phuket Itinerary

Picture of the Phi Phi Islands from a boat driving through the islands

Going to Thailand and need the perfect I-THAI-NERARY.. erhm.. 8 day Phuket itinerary? I’m not even sorry for that pun, but let’s move beyond that.

My favorite thing about traveling to new places is all of the things you can explore while you’re there, but my least favorite thing about traveling is feeling like you overdid it and need another vacation from the one you just got home from. So, that is why I follow a “one day on, one day off” rule when going abroad. Day one is always free to explore, lounge at the hotel, maybe enjoy a local cocktail or seven. I just got there, and I earned it after sitting in a plane for hours and sitting in cars and just spending my life sitting. Can’t a girl lounge with some booze and feel like a queen? Because that’s what she’s going to do.

Anyway, I digress. Day two is when the excursions start. And we rotate off and on until we spend our last day relaxing before we head home (and cry to ourselves that we must return to the real world far too soon).

But, for now, it’s jitters, butterflies, and excitement. We head out in a few weeks and this is what’s on the plate of our 8 day Phuket itinerary so far:

  • Day 1
    We got in a little late in the afternoon, so catch the sunset and just gorge ourselves on hotel food and lounge on the beach
  • Day 2
    We did a full day of relaxing by the beach and checking out the area around our beautiful hotel, the Thavorn Beach Village Resort and Spa. We ended up getting crazy sunburnt because we bought sunscreen from the hotel and we’re pretty sure we bought lotion. So, hot tip? Make sure you recognize the brand to guarantee it’s sunscreen. Or buy it from an actual market/shop.
  • Day 3
    We started the day REAL early with the Phi Phi Islands sunrise tour which departed from Phuket and then spent the day boating around the Phi Phi Islands, with multiple stops along the way. Dying to know how it went? Here’s my review.
  • Day 4
    Another relaxing day at the resort drinking cocktails out of coconut.
  • Day 5
    Half-day private tour, checking out some local temples on Phuket. Check out the full details of our day touring Phuket temples. When we got back from this, we decided to go out for the night and check out the Bangla Road area and enjoy good food and good drink. And to say we did that was an understatement.
  • Day 6
    Another relaxing day at the hotel. But this day we were seriously nursing a hangover. If you go out on Bangla Road, be prepared for a wild night.
  • Day 7
    Bond Island tour – spending the day kayaking through caves, making my dad jealous I get to see the evil lair of the man with the golden gun, and eating at a floating Muslim village on stilts (no I’m not totally sure how this works but I bet it’s delicious of I don’t fall off and die)
  • Day 8
    So this is where I was feeling pretty sly when I booked stuff. We check out on day 8 at noon-ish, but our flight isn’t until like, midnight. So, we went to hang out at the hotel until around noon and then went to the elephant sanctuary for the afternoon tour. From there, we grabbed dinner closer to the airport and just lounged until it was our time to jet off back to the real world.

So there you have it. Our trip was incredible and the only thing I would have changed is to not have drank so much on Bangla Road to enjoy that next day a little more, ha.

Enjoy planning your trip with my 8 day Phuket itinerary, and if you need me for questions, you know where to find me!

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