5 Must-Pack Items for Phuket, Thailand

Woman walking in beach in Phuket, Thailand

THAILAND. We’ve all seen the photos. We’ve all read some blogs. We’ve all dreamed of going. So you finally decided, FUCK IT, I’M GOING TO PHUKET. Yes I’m proud of that, no I don’t regret it.

So, you’re going to Phuket. What do you need? Here’s what I learned is an absolute necessity for going to Thailand in April:

  1. Proper shoes – sandals FOR SURE (because don’t go to Thailand without going to the beaches because that’s basically sac-religious) but also grab a pair of comfy walking shoes if you plan on doing tours or exploring (which you should)
  2. A scarf – if you’re going to visit any temples your shoulders and chest need to be covered up, but packing bulky clothes for that might be too much if you’re a light traveler, so just bring a scarf you can wrap around your upper body and you’re golden
  3. Multiple swimsuits – you should be in the water every day so bring yourself a couple suits so you’re not stuck in that weird half wet/half dry-suit-in-public-transit situation
  4. Reusable bag – get yourself a bag you can use for your belongings on the beach and can also take to the markets and hold all of your new goodies
  5. Water bottle – this really just applies to any traveling anymore, but bring your own water bottle so you don’t have to buy it at other locations and buy more plastic (we’re all trying to be more eco-friendly after all, aren’t we?)

Now, GET TO PACKING and have a BLAST! Cheers!


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