Airboating the Everglades; Bucket List – CHECK

Airboat in the everglades

The Short Version

Airboating in the Everglades is a must do in southern Florida. If you get the chance and do the afternoon half-day at very least if you want to see the most alligators. Bring both a jacket and a blanket if you’re wearing a dress or shorts, and don’t forget a hair tie.


The Long Version

If you’re like me and were the kid who watched Animal Planet and Nat Geo TV every day, then airboating through the Everglades was 100% on your bucket list. And as that former kid, when my dad started spending a month in Florida every winter I knew I had to take the opportunity to cross this activity off of my bucket list.

Now, I had to convince my brother and father that this was a great idea. Luckily it didn’t take that much effort, and I was able to book a trip about an hour outside Naples (where we were staying) via Everglades Excursions.

We signed up for a half-day tour and went in the afternoon. What we didn’t know is there are two types of tours we could have done; through the sawgrass or within the mangroves. We chose to do the sawgrass and it was truly insane to feel like you were just boating across grass. Also it was chilly and windy (as you could probably guess because you’re a smart woman) so grab yourself a blanket, jacket, and a hair tie so you can truly enjoy it.

Typically for excursions, I would recommend to go to the earlier one to miss all the crowds, but I think I would actually recommend the opposite for the Everglades tour. We were probably the only ones left out on the boats and were coming back right around dusk and saw DOZENS of alligators throughout the waters. It was incredible. Our guide was excellent at spotting them, and because we were there in January we saw tons of little adorable baby murder logs as well.

Was it creepy? Absolutely. Was it amazing? 100%. Was it expensive? A little. Was it worth it? Yes.

So, if you’re ever in southern Florida, Google “everglades tours” and find a way to get out there in one of America’s beautiful national parks and come (not quite) face-to-face with some ‘gators. (You won’t that’s probably dangerous but you will see some!)

To see what I saw on this trip, check out my Instagram highlight, and tap until you see me start to get out there. I’ve also got more national parks tips and tricks if alligators aren’t your thing. Beauty is calling!


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