8 Tips for a Day Trip to the Blue Mountains from Sydney

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Planning to take a day trip to the Blue Mountains from Sydney? You can absolutely do it, and here are my recommendations on how to make your day even better:

  • Take public transit there instead of renting a car; save yourself the money. It’s about a 90 minute ride each way.
  • And in that 90 minutes while you’re on the train, if you haven’t already, do some research into what hiking routes you want. Figure out what you want to see (waterfalls, the Three Sisters, etc.) and what routes will take you closest to those things so you can map out your day.
  • Buy tickets online for the bus and for Scenic World so you don’t have to when you get there and so you can also ride the really unique rides (the railway, cableway, and skyway). This is where we purchased ours.
  • The bus is your friend! You bought the tickets so definitely use it and use the bus to hop on and off at stops, and time your hikes around that.
  • Absolutely wear tennis or hiking shoes. You may want that perfect “do it for the gram” pic with those adorable chunky heels but but to get the best views, you’ll be hiking and I promise that will not be fun for you.
  • And in that same vein, some easy to hike in clothes. Leggings or shorts are ideal. I hiked in some jeggings and wish I would have had more breathable pants for sure.
  • Pack a small easy-to-carry backpack for water, camera, and whatever else you’d like to carry on the trip. Maybe a sweat towel? I’m not kidding about the hiking ha. It’s not that all of the trails are super intense but you’ll definitely sweat if you’re hiking for hours!
  • If you do take public transit, pay attention to the time for the final trains. The last Blue Mountains bus was around 5pm, and our train was around 7pm, so if you can time it you can get some awesome food in Katoomba before heading back to Sydney.

The trip was awesome, the day was one of my favorites from my trip to Australia, and my only regret is not getting there earlier to spend more time. A day trip to the Blue Mountains MUST be on your to do list.

Have any questions or want to to chat about it? Shoot me a note or reach out to me on Instagram!



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