Next Vacay – Is It Worth It?

This is a completely unsponsored post, I’m just here to say how much I love Next Vacay.

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Next Vacay is a tool that I subscribe to for $25 (USD) per year. A couple built this amazing algorithm that scans for flights coming out of airports closest to you. They don’t send you every single flight, they send you the “biggest bang for your buck” flights – so typically international flights, which I absolutely love.

I probably get ~5-10 flights per week to my inbox and this has really allowed me, as a not picky traveler, to go to places based on the cost of the flight vs. me just really wanting to go somewhere and having to pay full price to get there.

And what is super nice about these is that it’s not just sending you these flights during off or rainy season. I don’t know *why* the flights were cheap… but I’m not mad about it either way.

So far, in less than a year of being subscribed, I’ve gotten roughly half-price flights to Ireland, Australia, and Bali.

SO, if you’re wondering “should I do it?” the answer is Y E S. Who doesn’t like saving money, and if you’re here you already love traveling, so it’s the best of both worlds to get you to see more of the world.

Now… I’m over here debating if I should book a Hawaii trip so wish me luck!


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