I am a woman who wanders. A lady who leaps. A female who frolics. While I love some alliteration, what I’m always looking to do is make myself better through the compassion, empathy, experiences, and understandings gained only from travel.

I specialize in what I like to call “realistic and/or accessible adventure” – meaning I’m just your everyday girl who found ways to do badass stuff that you don’t need to work for National Geographic to experience. (But Nat Geo if you see this… hire me). But also… if I’m being really real, I’m eating my way through these travels. Because I’m what? Hungry. But also? Cultured.

Owner of The Women Who Wander, Amanda, standing in the middle of a bamboo forest.

Hi, Hola, Aloha

I’m Amanda, and I’m psyched to have you here. When I’m not traveling on my own time or working my 9-5, you can find me hanging out with friends at a good brewery or annoying my dog by loving too hard.

Most of my life has been spent in the Midwest but I became obsessed with exploring the world when I saw an ocean for the first time, and no one has been able to keep me off a plane since.

Also, if you’re asked what superpower you’d want and you DON’T pick teleporting… we need to have a conversation.

Personal Travel Highlights
  • In Thailand, I met a number of Connect 4 sharks and was bamboozled out of a round of drinks because I got cocky
  • In Morocco a man attempted to trade me for two camels (which was overpaying in my opinion, I have 0 upper body strength)
Ways to Find Me
  • The last family reunion I attended was in Norway
  • My husband and I got engaged in Grand Teton during a 16 mile hike where we saw a small girl almost fall off the mountain and came within 15′ of both a black bear and a grizzly bear

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