Peru was my first step into South America and what an amazing country to introduce me to that continent. I fell in love. It is truly so diverse, depending on where you go. Did you know Lima is the second biggest desert city in the world? Me neither. Did you know the Andes Mountains are the second tallest mountain range in the world? Me neither. Did you know the Inca people were absolute geniuses? Yes, sort of but not to the extent they were. Peru truly has so much to offer, you won’t regret visiting this gorgeous country.

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Cusco is definitely one of the most visited cities in Peru and that’s for good reason. From Incan ruins to rainbow mountains to incredible city architecture. Even if you just stay in the immediate Cusco area, there’s truly just so much to do. But in the couple of hours around the city, wow. Jaw dropping beauty.


Huaraz, Peru isn’t on as many Peru itineraries I saw when I was researching for my own trip and that’s a shame. We used Huaraz as a home base to visit Huascaran National Park and holy cow, was that park absolutely stunning beyond words. Any excursion you can take into that national park will be worth It.

I’ve got lots of travel tips outside of South America, so reach out!

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