Travel Tips

After countless vacations both domestic and abroad, I’ve ended up with a bunch of travel tips I recommend to my fellow travel friends. Or travel newbies. Or travel experts. Really anyone can benefit from these travel tips! But also, I love new travel tips. So if you have some that aren’t listed here, let a girl know!

My Favorite Travel Items

I am constantly traveling to new, fun, and different locations, so I’m always needing to make sure I’m packed and prepared for each. Lucky for you, I have to test all of these items and can tell you what I do and don’t like. I have put together a few lists of things I absolutely love and recommend on Amazon. Feel free to check them out!

Woman standing in front of ledge leading to Dewey Point in Yosemite
Woman holding phone, looking out to the mountains at Mount Rainier National Park

Looking for more tips that maybe aren’t listed here? Shoot me a message & I’ll help any way I can!

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