American Southwest

There is no world quite like the American southwest. The variety of landscapes, weather, foods, and cultures you can experience in this part of the US is seriously magical. Whether you’re visiting Native American lands, national parks, or hanging out in the desert, you’ll love your time in this iconic part of the country.

Woman standing along the fenceline at the Grand Canyon during the winter, with the trees and rocked covered in snow

5 Tips for the Grand Canyon in Winter

They didn’t name it the Grand Canyon for nothing… it’s literally every bit of jaw-dropping beauty that everyone describes it as. And if anyone says they were underwhelmed by it you absolutely cannot trust that person because they are a psychopath. Kidding… mostly. 😉 ANYWAY, my first experience to the Grand Canyon was in winter and it’s definitely different thanContinue reading “5 Tips for the Grand Canyon in Winter”

Woman in front of Bell Rock in Sedona

4 Easy Ways to Access Sedona Views

While a weekend in Sedona can mean challenging, incredible hikes, it doesn’t actually require an incredible amount of effort to find beautiful views. Personally, I was shocked by how accessible Sedona is. You really don’t need to expel a lot of energy to find insanely beautiful views; half the time you can just pull over on the side of theContinue reading “4 Easy Ways to Access Sedona Views”

I’ve got lots of travel tips outside of the American Southwest, so reach out!

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