G’day mate! An Australia vacation is quite literally a dream. As the only country/continent in the hybrid, it’s got so much to offer any type of traveler. No matter what kind of Australia travel you’re looking to do, I’ve got Australia travel tips and recommendations to help you get to planning.

Woman standing on edge overlooking blue mountains

8 Tips for a Day Trip to the Blue Mountains from Sydney

Planning to take a day trip to the Blue Mountains from Sydney? You can absolutely do it, and here are my recommendations on how to make your day even better: Take public transit there instead of renting a car; save yourself the money. It’s about a 90 minute ride each way. And in that 90 minutes while you’re on the train, if you haven’t already, do some research into what hiking routes you want. FigureContinue reading “8 Tips for a Day Trip to the Blue Mountains from Sydney”

Photo of Sydney Opera House

How to do Sydney in One Day

During our Aussie trip, we knew we were going to spend a few days in Sydney. We knew one full day was going to be devoted to the Blue Mountains and that we had roughly two and a half additional days in the city. So, what to do, what to do? We were originally planning on doing a day exploring Bondi and the Coastal Walk, and a day exploring the Harbour. Turns out, if youContinue reading “How to do Sydney in One Day”

Lady Elliot Island – Don’t Miss This Great Barrier Reef Island

Lady Elliot Island & Why I Had to Go There If you’re like me, seeing the Great Barrier Reef has been an actual bucket list item for as long as you can remember. I grew up watching so much Animal Planet that I cannot believe I don’t work directly with animals for my profession. So, when I found cheap tickets to Australia (thanks Next Vacay you da best) I had to figure out how toContinue reading “Lady Elliot Island – Don’t Miss This Great Barrier Reef Island”

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