Affiliate Disclosure

What is Affiliate Disclosure?

You might see every once in awhile that sometimes I use affiliate links on my site. That simply means that if I personally have used and loved a product I might list that product somewhere on my blog as an official recommendation. And if you end up purchasing it through a link of mine (think the links in my packing lists), I may receive a small commission. I would never recommend something I don’t genuinely like or have a good experience with in some capacity. Your skrilla is your skrilla and I’m not out here trying to push tummy teas or hair vitamins on you. I want to be clear that this affiliate disclosure is meant to tell you that I might make money on stuff I recommend. I don’t always though! Sometimes I just need to yell from the mountaintop that I love something with no monetary reciprocation. That’s fine too!

Examples? Sure!

A good example of something that I’d get a commission from is my Amazon storefront. I love my Amazon Prime subscription and I definitely use it, so I figured I’d put together a helpful storefront. If you purchase from that, I will earn some dollars. Not a lot, but hey.. dollars are dollars, right?

An example of something I don’t get a commission from is my love for Skatie Swimwear. I have zero affiliation with them but I love their swimsuits and you may see me talk about them every once in awhile.

So there you have it; an affiliate disclosure by yours truly that hopefully instills your faith in me as a trusted female travel blogger. And not someone who’s trying to cram product down your throat to make a buck.

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