Badlands Travel Tips

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Some people think South Dakota doesn’t have anything interesting and those people would be DEAD WRONG. The Badlands are so unbelievably rad it’s hard to properly describe. They’re so massive and unique, with tons of wildlife and a lot of hiking opportunity. Additionally, it’s super accessible. You don’t HAVE to go hike a long trail to see some incredible views. You can spend a few days here just exploring the beauty, and hopefully these Badlands National Park travel tips will help you plan your trip.

Sunrise at the Badlands – An Absolute Dream

The Short Version of Sunrise at the Badlands If you’re thinking about going to the Badlands, I absolutely, unequivocally, without a doubt recommend you go. Secondly, I 100% recommend spending sunrise the Badlands. It was an incredible. Go to the eastern entrance to the Big Badlands Overlook and enjoy. The Long Version of Sunrise at…

Book a Badlands Excursion

The Badlands could truly be called the Badass Lands and it would be accurate. You can definitely explore these on your own – especially if you have a car. But if you’re not a fan of grabbing a rental or road trips, here are a couple of tours to help you explore this incredible park.

Why Should You Visit Badlands National Park?

Badlands National Park is truly so underrated! It’s just so gorgeous. It’s near the city of Wall, South Dakota which is truly adorable. You can drive through it and explore the scenic viewpoints from the comfort of your car or you can get out and hike some badass trails. Also there’s a ton of wildlife to check out while you’re there, which is always a huge bonus for me! Hopefully this, along with my Badlands travel tips, convince you to visit!

Woman walking down into Badlands at sunrise

Looking for more than just Badlands National Park travel tips? You can work the Badlands and some other national parks into a road trip if you want! These are some parks I think you can do that with:

Lots of bison at sunset in Yellowstone


Woman walking in the street in front of the Teton Mountain range

Grand Teton


Have more national parks questions? I’ve got you covered!

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