Everglades Travel Tips

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For anyone who grew up watching Animal Planet like I did, Everglades National Park is an absolute bucket list item. This park is massive and has so much unique terrain that you could spend a week here and feel like you’re not repeating activities. These Everglades travel tips hopefully help you plan out how you should spend your time in this incredible park.

Book an Everglades Excursion

If I were going to recommend you book a tour with an expert guide for any park, it would be the Everglades. This park is so unique and to truly experience it, you’ll want to learn from the most knowledgeable out there.

Why Should You Visit the Everglades?

Everglades National Park is an absolute blast. I cannot recommend going on an air boat tour enough, it’s truly so magical. A one-of-a-kind experience. But there is definitely more to do there if that’s not your cup of tea! My Everglades travel tips would also include hiking and going on treks in this incredible park, as well as any walking tours that are available. I would go on any wildlife tour they offered FOR sure!

Alligator lying down in the Everglades

On the hunt for more than Everglades travel tips? Luckily the US is full of national parks and you can choose from any of them really to see incredible wildlife as well:

Grand Teton mountains reflecting in the lake

Grand Teton

Lots of bison at sunset in Yellowstone



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