Volcanoes National Park Travel Tips

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If you’re headed to Hawaii’s Big Island, you absolutely need to spend some time at Volcanoes National Park. There is so much amazing stuff to explore there that is unlike anywhere in the world. It’s also massive, covering a ton of the island with so many different things to explore while you’re there. If you’re building out your itinerary for this island, use these Volcanoes National Park travel tips to help you gets started planning.

Book a Volcanoes National Park Excursion

Volcanoes is honestly so huge and there is so much to explore. As with anything in Hawaii, I think going with a guide is a great idea because they’ll always have so much history and knowledge that’s hard to find on your own.

Why Should You Visit Volcanoes National Park?

Volcanoes National Park is absolutely incredible. It has one of the best hiking trails in America, the most active volcano in the world, incredible coastline views, ancient petroglyphs, and more. You can spend multiple days here if you want, exploring the different areas of the park. I really enjoyed my time here, and hopefully my Volcanoes National Park travel tips will help you plan your trip there.

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