The Best Place to Watch a Seattle Sunset

View of the Seattle skyline and Mount Rainier during sunset from Kerry Park.

Seattle is a super cool city with a ton to do (check out my one-day guide for inspiration) and even more amazing views. My favorite view from my time in the city was no doubt watching sunset. We found this incredible spot that I would have to consider the best place to watch a Seattle sunset.

Woman sitting at Kerry Park during sunset, looking out at the Seattle skyline and Mount Rainier

The Best Sunset Spot in Seattle is at Kerry Park

Why is Kerry Park the Best Place to Watch a Seattle Sunset?

I’m a massive fan of sunsets/sunrises (I mean, Great Sand Dunes, Phi Phi Islands, Badlands, Yosemite… and so much more) so I’m always looking for the best sunset spots for anywhere I visit. But, let’s get back to business. And that business is where to watch sunset in Seattle.

Kerry Park is one of many parks or spots in Seattle where you can get a good view of the sunset. So because of that you may ask, “What makes Kerry Park the best spot to watch a Seattle sunset?” and for that I will answer, you get to see everything.

The reason Kerry Park is such a special place to watch the sunset in Seattle is because you have an incredible view of EVERYTHING that makes Seattle special; skyline views, bay views, Mount Rainier views, views of the Cascade Mountains… all in one spot. It’s truly magnificent to see all of this beauty from one little spot. I’ve never seen anything like it before and I can’t wait to see it again.


How to Get to Kerry Park

Looking out onto the sound for sunset in Seattle

Fortunately for you it’s very easy to get to Kerry Park. Simply plug it into your favorite Maps app on your phone and you’re good to go. The only thing that might be a little hard is finding parking, as there is only street parking. So if you want to get there a little early and set up shop at the best spot to watch the sunset in Seattle, it definitely wouldn’t hurt.

Tips for Kerry Pary at Sunset

About the Park

  • There is no parking lot so I’d recommend parking along West Highland Drive to the west of the park
    • Then you’ll walk down to the park through this super nice neighborhood so it’ll be fun to fantasize about being rich and living in one of these houses, watching this insane Seattle sunset every night
  • Sit along the edge and enjoy the view
  • If you’re lucky (like I was) there will be a jazz band playing during the sunset and that’s a damn delight

What to Bring

  • Be prepared for the weather; if it’s cool out bring a jacket or a blanket
  • A couple dollars in cash to tip the band if they’re there
  • Binoculars to get an even better look at Mount Rainier
  • A zoom lens for your camera; leave the wide angle at home

Bonus Sunset Spot

Once you’ve had your fill of Kerry Park, walk west until you get to the Betty Bowen Viewpoint and you’ll get another fabulous sunset view. This is about a five or six minute walk and if you parked west of the park like I suggested, you’ll be heading that way to get to your car anyway.


So there you have it, the best place to watch sunset in Seattle. As always, feel free to holler with any questions. And definitely check out my Seattle stories on Insta for lots of on-the-ground looks.

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