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I do an absurd amount of research and planning for every trip I go on. I mean, I am a self-proclaimed (even though it feels weird to say) travel blogger, so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Luckily for you, I take all of this documentation and have consolidated here for you. So nice, right? So while you’re here, go check out the different resources I’ve put together for ya!

If You Need a Travel Itinerary For Your Next Trip, I’ve Got You

I Am a Psycho & Keep Every Packing List So You Don’t Have to

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I’m a female travel blogger obsessed with my dog, cookie dough, and traveling the world. Follow along to get to know the adventures of a female travel blogger who likes to try unique things, see amazing views, and grab a beer or two along the way.

Get All My Go-To Travel Items

As a female travel blogger, I’ve got lots of travel items I consider my tried and true things I pack for every trip. Because of that, I created these lists on Amazon filled with the things that keep me cool and collected on any trip, whether I’m hiking through a Hawaiian volcano or the Blue Mountains in Australia. Did I mention these items make me look good while doing said adventures? Because let’s be honest, that matters too.

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