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I am super excited to potentially work together to promote your brand! When you partner with me, you receive high quality photography taken by my camera or drone, social coverage to an audience of travel and adventure lovers, and a blog with dozens of posts on the first page of Google. In order to best partner together based on your needs, I’ve organized my rates into following two categories:


These make more sense for tourism boards, single or multi-day excursions, and deeper all-encompassing partnerships with multiple deliverables.

A La Carte

This option makes more sense for partnerships that are looking for a specific individual or set of deliverable(s) or one-off promotions.

Package Rates

These packages make sense for tourism boards or experiences that are 1+ days.

A La Carte Rates

Not looking for a full package, and more of a one-off promotion? These individual prices might work better for your brand!

Instagram • (32.2K followers, 6% engagement rate)Cost
Reel Collab with Relevant @hotel Account$2,400
Carousel (3+ photos)$1,000
Carousel Collab (3+ photos) with Relevant @hotel Account$2,000
Static Post (1 photo)$800
Story (1 frame)$100
Story Set (3 – 5 frames)$300
TikTok • (36.8K followers, 6% engagement rate)Cost
Video Post$1,300
Story (1 frame)$100
Story Set (3 – 5 frames)$300
Blog PostCost
Dedicated Post + 3 Pins (< 1,000 words)$750
Dedicated Post + 3 Pins (> 1,000 words)$1,250
Integration Into Other Post$150

Reach Out

I appreciate you taking the time to read up about my travel blog! Feel free to reach out via the form below or at my email address, [email protected]. I know there are a million travel bloggers in the sea, so thank you for considering a swim with me.

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