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The Big Island, aka Hawaii, is.. you guessed it.. the biggest of the Hawaiian islands. If you’ve been to any of the other islands, and then go to Big Island, it will feel MASSIVE. So you’ll definitely want a rental car to get around this beauty. But aside from its sheer size, the Big Island of Hawaii is super interesting. I mean, it’s got the world’s largest and most active volcano, which I happen to think is super badass. Visiting the Big Island is like visiting a new world because it kind of is one? It’s the youngest island even though it sits on the world’s largest mountain, Mauna Kea and it basically has any type of climate you could hope for somewhere on the island. So since you’re visiting this magical world, let me help you out! Use these Big Island travel tips and guides to get started planning today.

Book a Big Island Excursion

The Big Island is so big with so many different climates that you will feel like you are somewhere new every day. To really experience its magic, and really learn more about the island, I would definitely sprinkle a couple of tours or excursions into your time there. I would FOR SURE recommend a night manta ray snorkel.

Why should you travel to the Big Island of Hawaii?

Big Island is so diverse it’s kind of insane. In one day you can be in the wettest place in America – Hilo – and the next be hiking through a volcano bed in Volcanoes National Park. So if you’re looking for variety in our Hawaiian vacation, the Big Island will definitely give it to you. Additionally, Big Island is on the cheaper side of a Hawaii trip. You can typically find inexpensive flights to this island, making it an easy jumping off point for island hopping, if you choose. Basically, the Big Island has it all. Including one of the world’s only green sand beaches which… yes… is actually, legitimately green and not photoshopped. You’ve gotta see it to believe it.

Hazy waterfall day at Akaka Falls

Looking for more than just Big Island travel tips?

Let’s explore some other Hawaiian islands together:

Do You Have More Questions About the Big Island?

Is the size of the Big Island stressing you out? Well, let’s take a breather and de-stress because it’s going to be incredible. Feel free to reach out to me for questions or concerns you may have while planning. I’m happy to give you my opinion based on my experience and hopefully ease your mind a little!