Hiking Trips

Growing up in the midwest of the United States, I didn’t do a lot of hiking growing up. However now that I’ve got friends living all over the world that I visit, I got to essentially be forced into trying hiking. And those friends are good friends because now I’m obsessed with it. Hiking trips are so much fun and I’ve done some super unique hikes in my short career, so check out my posts below to find out how and where some super rad hikes are.

Everything I Take to Hike

I put together a list on Amazon that’s got all of my must-have hike equipment for when I’m out there getting all one with nature. These are things that have taken me through hikes in Australia as well as Wyoming; my true go-tos.

Hiking woman wearing backpack on Inspiration Point, Grand TEton

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I Got a National Parks Pass & Never Looked Back

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