Acadia Travel Tips

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Acadia is one of the most visited national parks in the US and that’s for good reason, it’s stunning. Also, if you’re going for fall it’s a colorful dream! But there’s a ton to offer there; amazing hiking, carriage roads, mountain views, and even beaches! It’s truly a unique and special national park. And now that I’ve convinced you to go, here are my Acadia National Park travel tips to get you planning!

Book an Acadia Excursion

Acadia is so cool! It has a lot of different things to offer that make it a super unique national park or place to explore. Definitely an iconic national park that you can explore on your own, but to experience the history of the park and some of the magic of Bar Harbor, you might want to hop along on a tour.

Why Should You Visit Acadia National Park?

Acadia National Park is seriously so beautiful. There’s so much to do in this beautiful park in Maine. It’s got the adorable town of Bar Harbor to eat, drink, and shop in. There’s a ton of hiking and outdoor exploration and it’s pretty accessible to see incredible views without working too hard overall. These Acadia National Park travel tips will help you familiarize yourself before you go!

Woman standing at Schooner Head Overlook at Acadia National Park, with the coastline jagged behind her

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