Sequoia & Kings Canyon Travel Tips

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I honestly loved Sequoia and Kings Canyon both so much. I think together (or separate) they are super underrated. There’s incredible hiking in addition to the gigantic trees that are impossible to describe or properly showcase their size. It is just truly beautiful and I’d love to go back again. But until I can do that, I am here to give you these Sequoia travel tips to help you plan YOUR trip. But, can I tag along? Really? No? Okay that’s fine. Have fun without me, I guess!

Book a Sequoia & Kings Canyon Excursion

There’s definitely a lot you can do in these parks on your own. You don’t need a guide to explore, but if you’re the type that doesn’t like getting a rental car or just like to learn more from local experts, I’d highly recommend an excursion or two.

Why Should You Visit Sequoia?

Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park quickly became one of my favorite California destinations. It’s full of incredible hiking, including up in mountains or down in the giant forests. Speaking of forests, you feel like a fairy wandering through these massive trees, there’s truly nothing I can compare it to. It’s simply just magical, and hopefully these Sequoia travel tips will help you plan the trip of your dreams.

Woman standing in front of a large sequoia tree in Sequoia National Park

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Mountain layers showing colors during sunrise at Zabrinskie Point in Death Valley National Park

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