Death Valley Travel Tips

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Okay, so. Call me crazy, but Death Valley is absolutely one of my favorite national parks. It is SO COOL. There is way more to do there than you initially expect, and there is such a variation in terrain, it is so unexpected. I could spend a full week there and not get tired of it, I swear. Of course, go during the right time of year so you don’t melt, but you definitely need to take these Death Valley travel tips to plan your own trip out there.

1 Day in Death Valley • The Perfect Itinerary

Death Valley National Park is famous for a lot of things; being the hottest place in the world, being the lowest place in North America, and more seemingly unappetizing feats. So, you might ask yourself, “Is Death Valley worth visiting?” And the answer to that is HOLY SHIT YES. Whether you’re planning to spend a…

Book a Death Valley Excursion

Death Valley is a park that absolutely impressed me beyond what I could have ever imagined. There’s so much this park offers; so many different terrains and unique histories. To get to know these different elements of the park even better, you can absolutely hop in on a tour. You don’t have to, but especially if you don’t have a car I’d recommend booking an excursion.

Why Should You Visit Death Valley?

Death Valley National Park is seriously so cool. It has salt flats, it has sand dunes, it has mountains, it has historical towns, it has canyons… it just has everything. It is in my top two favorite national parks at this point without a doubt. I’d love to go back and spend way more time there! So definitely use these Death Valley travel tips to start planning your own experience there today!

Sand dunes in the sunlight with mountains in the background at Death Valley National Park

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Woman walking toward a Joshua Tree in a field of Joshua Trees with boulders in the background

Joshua Tree


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