Joshua Tree Travel Tips

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Is there a national park more famous for its vibe than Joshua Tree National Park? I’m honestly not sure, but if I had to guess I’d say no. We’ve all seen incredible music videos, photo shoots, or anything in between filmed there and that’s because it’s pretty iconic and even more beautiful. But there’s so much more to it than its interesting vibe! So if you’re into incredible vibes but also other cool outdoor activities and interesting nature, hopefully these Joshua Tree travel tips help you plan your trip more easily!

1 Day Joshua Tree Itinerary • 5 Best Things to Do

Are you planning to taking a day trip out to Joshua Tree National Park? I always knew you had great taste, that’s why you’re here after all, right? Ha! But seriously, Joshua Tree is a great park for a day trip. Whether you’re visiting Joshua Tree from Palm Springs, or heading to the park from…

Book a Joshua Tree Excursion

Joshua Tree is an absolute vibe, whether you experience it as your own guide or with an expert guide. Either way you’re going to have a blast.

Why Should You Visit Joshua Tree?

Joshua Tree National Park is so gorgeous and there are a ton of activities for you to do. Whether you’re just there trying to grab a rental and vibe in a cute little hot tub in the desert, or you’re going to go rock climbing, there’s a lot to offer. Not to mention the amazing, very Dr. Seuss Joshua Trees only available in this park. It’s truly a magical, unique, and special place. So if that hasn’t convinced you to visit this rad park, hopefully my Joshua Tree travel tips will!

Woman walking toward a Joshua Tree in a field of Joshua Trees with boulders in the background

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Mountain layers showing colors during sunrise at Zabrinskie Point in Death Valley National Park

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Have more national parks questions? I’ve got you covered!

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