Great Sand Dunes Travel Tips

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The Great Sand Dunes are a national park that truly shocked me with how much I enjoyed myself there! These dunes are MASSIVE. Like, I was wowed beyond words. And the way they’re just piled up next to the mountains is just something pretty magical. This is a great national park to spend a day or two in for sure, and hopefully these Great Sand Dunes travel tips help you plan!

Sunrise at Great Sand Dunes National Park

The sleeper hit of my road trip from St. Louis out to Wyoming and back was Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado. We didn’t have a ton of time to spend there but I knew I wanted to make a stop here. So, I needed to figure out what was the best time to…

Why Should You Visit the Great Sand Dunes?

Great Sand Dunes National Park is so much fun. You could spend all day just hiking up and down the different dunes OR in the mountains. But for the dunes, definitely bring a snowboard or a sled and ride around all day! It’s truly so much fun. Sunrise and sunset are insane, and there’s something about the sand that just makes the air glow. Hopefully I have convinced you to visit and you can put these Great Sand Dunes travel tips to work.

View of woman walking away onto a dune within the Great Sand Dunes during sunrise with the sky pastel pink and blue sky

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Grand Teton mountains reflecting in the lake

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