How to do Sydney in One Day

Photo of Sydney Opera House

During our Aussie trip, we knew we were going to spend a few days in Sydney. We knew one full day was going to be devoted to the Blue Mountains and that we had roughly two and a half additional days in the city. So, what to do, what to do?

We were originally planning on doing a day exploring Bondi and the Coastal Walk, and a day exploring the Harbour. Turns out, if you start early enough, you can do both of those things in one day easily. So if you need to do Sydney in one day, you can!

The Short Version

The short of it? This is what you can accomplish in 1 day in Sydney if you put your mind to it:

  • Bondi Beach
  • Icebergs @ Bondi
  • Bondi Coastal Walk (not fully, but a large chunk of it)
  • Ferry through Sydney Harbour
  • Sydney Eye
  • St. Mary’s Cathedral

Want to know how we were able to do all of that? Keep reading.


The Long Version

SO, to start our day we took the bus from Kings Cross Station to Bondi Junction to see Bondi Beach in all of its fame and it did not disappoint; Bondi Beach was absolutely beautiful. We were there in autumn with winter right around the corner but the weather was still beautiful and there were plenty of Aussies surfing, relaxing, and sunbathing.

We wandered around the beach, looked at all the food stands and awesome street art, and then headed on the walk.

Street art in Sydney, Australia

First stop? Absolutely to have a beer at Icebergs. If you’ve never been, it’s this huge club that also has pools right in the ocean. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and was worth the 30-45 minute stop.

Photo of Icebergs

Once beers and snacks were finished, we headed up the Bondi walk toward Coogee. We stopped by the wave pools, cliffs, and all of the natural beauty the walk had to offer. We didn’t end up walking all the way to Coogee, and after roughly 1.5 hours of exploring we ended up in Tamarama.

From there, we decided that, though the walk was beautiful, we had seen a lot of it already and were ready to head back to the city and visit the Sydney Harbour. So we ordered an Uber from Tamarama and had it drop us off at Circular Quay, where we took a ferry through the Sydney Harbour, seeing the bridge and Opera House in all of its glory, and dropping us off at Darling Harbour.

From there, we walked around the city and explored more. We decided to walk over to the Sydney Eye and went up to the Observation Tower to enjoy some of the highest views of the city. It was incredible!

Photo of view of Sydney from Sydney Eye Observation Tower

Lastly, as we were deciding where to go for food (because honestly that drives all decisions doesn’t it?) we decided to walk by and through St. Mary’s Cathedral. It was set on this gorgeous park area and while we were there, there was a service going on. I’m not a religious person but places of worship are always *so* beautiful, so I was happy to swing in.

Then, after about a million steps added to my Fitbit that day, we went and got food and relaxed. But we did it; we made the most of a day in Sydney!

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