Grand Canyon Travel Tips

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This national park is absolutely appropriately named. It is one of those places that will truly leave you speechless. That has only happened to me a couple times in nature and seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time was definitely one of them. Whether you’re going on a hike down into the canyon or hanging out around the top, you’re going to love your time there. Check out these Grand Canyon travel tips to help you plan your trip there.

5 Tips for the Grand Canyon in Winter

They didn’t name it the Grand Canyon for nothing… it’s literally every bit of jaw-dropping beauty that everyone describes it as. And if anyone says they were underwhelmed by it you absolutely cannot trust that person because they are a psychopath. Kidding… mostly. ANYWAY, my first introduction to this incredible natural wonder was visiting the…

Book a Grand Canyon Excursion

There are seemingly a million and one things to do and ways to explore the Grand Canyon. You can definitely explore some on your own, but if you want to explore with an expert guide, check out your options!

Why Should You Visit the Grand Canyon?

Grand Canyon National Park is world-famous and a natural wonder of the world for a reason, it’s truly just stunning. Depending on when you go, you can visit the South Rim or the North Rim. You can also fly over the canyon in a helicopter which I haven’t done but would LOVE to. If you want to explore on foot, you can do so easily at the rim overlooks or go on some of the hikes into the canyon. Hopefully my Grand Canyon travel tips will help you plan a trip you love!

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