6 of the Best Easy Grand Teton Photo Spots

View of the Teton Mountain range with trees in the front and a cloudy sky

Looking to get that Grand Teton famous picture? You know the one. The mountains looking amazing, maybe some water reflecting. Well, lucky for you pretty much anywhere in Grand Teton National Park is a photographer’s/Instagrammer’s/mountain lover’s/you-get-the-picture’s dream. And while there are some MAGICAL views on many of the amazing hikes in the park, not everyone has the time or ability to get to those spots. And what I loved most about Grand Teton was how accessible views were from just about anywhere. So, to help you get to some incredible pictures on your trip, I put together a list of six of the best easy Grand Teton photo spots.

The Short Version

  • Oxbow Bend
  • Schwabacher Landing
  • Mormon Row
  • Snake Overlook
  • Jenny Lake
  • Overlooks & Pullovers While Driving
Teton Mountains range during the sunlight

The Long Version of 6 of the Best Easy Grand Teton Photo Spots

For reference, I visited Grand Teton for 3 days in August, so the weather was on the warmer side, flowers were out, and it was lush and green.

Oxbow Bend

Oxbow Bend at Grand Teton Mountain Range

This is a pretty iconic spot for Grand Teton photos that was super accessible during good weather. Perfect mountain view with the river running in front of it, I loved this spot. I would bet this spot is accessible year-round and PARTICULARLY gorgeous during fall.

Schwabacher Landing

Schwabacher's Landing at Grand Teton national Park

This is kind of that perfect Grand Teton famous picture you might be most familiar with. Now, you can get this photo with and without water depending on the level of effort and the time you have. There’s a super easy trail that goes down to the water if you want. We couldn’t make it on that day, but I would consider Schwabacher Landing one of the best easy Grand Teton photo spots FOR sure. I imagine the hike might be harder to do/closed during the winter with lots of snow, but if you don’t go on the hike you should be good year-round.

Mormon Row

Moulton Barn in Mormon Row in front of the Teton Mountain range in the background

This is another of those iconic Grand Teton photos. This area has a number of old buildings from an old Mormon settlement still standing, with the most famous being Moulton Barn. The barn and buildings in front of the mountains are super stunning. I do remember getting a little lost trying to go here, so make sure to have your map downloaded in advance. Bonus tip? Try this place at sunrise!


Jenny or String Lake

Now, Jenny Lake is gorgeous. And it’s also at the start of the Jenny Lake Trail, which is a moderate hike. But what you can do is just park in the Jenny or String Lake lots and just walk over to the water’s edge and enjoy the views. You can do this at String Lake as well.

Snake Overlook

View of the Grand Teton mountains from the Snake River Overlook.

This was definitely my favorite spot for Grand Teton photography. The winding river in front of the mountain peaks? I fell in love. This should be accessible – and stunning – year-round and you might recognize it from famous photographer Ansel Adams’ work. If I had to pick just one easy Grand Teton photo spot for you to stop at, it would be this one.

Overlooks & Pullovers While Driving

Honestly, just driving around the park to and between all of these other easy Grand Teton photo spots is stunning and full of amazing views. I probably had my husband pull over 10 times just so I could take a picture from the side of the road. Or, if there is no traffic, the middle of the road. But if you’re doing this, be INCREDIBLY careful and never do it during peak hours or with any sort of consistent traffic flow.

So there you go, 6 of the best easy Grand Teton photo spots. As always if you have questions, holler at me. To see what I’m up to on the regular, follow me on Instagram and TikTok. And to get a little bit more raw footage from my trip, check out my Instagram story highlights for Grand Teton.


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