The Best Gift for the Outdoor Adventurer in Your Life

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Honestly, it’s 2020 and if you aren’t scrambling for last minute gift ideas this holiday season what is wrong with you? I say that with love, envy, and confusion. Because this year has been crazy and you seemingly have your shit together. But I digress. If you’re like the rest of us and need a travel-related gift idea, look no further. I’ve got *THE* outdoorsy gift for the outdoor adventurer in your life. Truly, this is what you need.

The America the Beautiful National Parks Pass is one of the best travel investments I’ve made in years. It would be the perfect gift for your outdoor adventurer friend or family member.

Seriously, this $80 pass gets you into every National Park in the US for a full year. As many times as you want. Any park. You don’t need to be an outdoor adventure type to know that’s a steal. And you don’t need to be a mathematician to realize that it’s the perfect gift for the outdoor adventurer in your life.

I cannot express how much of an incredible gift this would be. What I can do is explain why this is a screaming deal for the following reasons:

  • Some parks can cost up to $30 to get into for just a single day! The price is worth it because, let’s face it, these are beautiful and amazing pieces of land. But this pass seriously paid for itself on just my Yellowstone trip alone this year (see my tips if that kind of trip interests you).
  • The pass covers you (the pass owner) + up to three friends in your vehicle.
  • Two people can sign onto the pass, and only one needs to be present. Meaning, if my fiancé and I both sign the pass, I don’t have to be there for him to use it and vice versa. So he can use it for him and his three friends one week, and I could use it for me and my three friends on another.
  • It’s COVID times after all, and spacious, outdoor National Parks are one of the safest way to scratch that travel itch we’ve all got. Traveling during COVID comes with its own set of precautions, be it a road trip or heading to Hawaii now that it’s open, but exploring outdoor spaces have always been said to one of the safest ways to escape your home and unwind during the craziness.
  • Lots of parks – particularly the bigger, busier ones – have lines exclusively for pass owners. If we didn’t have a pass at Yellowstone, we would have been waiting in a line of cars for 30+ minutes. We were able to get in in about five minutes instead because the pass holder line was significantly shorter.
  • It comes with a rearview mirror hanger, which is just convenient so you can just breeze on through the entrance gates.

This pass was probably the best thing I did for me in 2020.

I bought this pass in late July. So at time of writing this post, I have had it for roughly six months. In that time I’ve visited TEN National Parks. TEN. 10. T E N. All for $80. Insert mind blown gif here.

But seriously, it’s saved me somewhere around $200 (not all parks are the same cost to get in) and has so many perks, it’s just so worth it. I couldn’t recommend it enough for you, or as a gift for your outdoor adventure friend/family member. Seriously, consider this my love letter to the Parks Pass. My sonnet. My Moby Dick.

Buy this baby online and be prepared to win Christmas/Hanukkah/New Year/birthday/any holiday really. Good luck, and happy buying!


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11 thoughts on “The Best Gift for the Outdoor Adventurer in Your Life

  1. It blows my mind that there is an entrance fee to the national parks. But, when I think about it more, I would be happy to pay the entrance fee into some of our national parks IF the money was used in park rangers and maintaining facilities at the parks. The gift idea is great!

  2. A National Parks Pass sounds like the ideal gift for any outdoor enthusiast! I live in the UK so unfortunately wouldn’t be able to put it to use (especially at the minute!) but I’ve asked for a National Trust pass as my Christmas gift so we can explore the beautiful houses and gardens. I’m a fan of an gift that encourages people to get outdoors and explore! Thanks for the great recommendation!

  3. This is such a great idea for an outdoors lover. I would love to receive one, especially that I go hiking so often and I love exploring new National parks.

  4. This is a great idea for a gift. This was the first year I didn’t buy one 🙁 (stupid COVID!!) It’s the perfect social distancing gift you can mail/get mailed to someone. Good suggestion!

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