4 Easy Ways to Access Sedona Views

Woman in front of Bell Rock in Sedona

While a weekend in Sedona can mean challenging, incredible hikes, it doesn’t actually require an incredible amount of effort to find beautiful views. Personally, I was shocked by how accessible Sedona is. You really don’t need to expel a lot of energy to find insanely beautiful views; half the time you can just pull over on the side of the road.

Since we were getting our engagement photos done, we weren’t able to go on these hikes because, well, we didn’t want to look like sweaty messes and ruin our memories. So we decided to find some spots for photos that were either walkable or a destination via a Jeep tour. This was surprisingly easy! Here are 4 ways to access easy views in Sedona:

1 – Just Pull Over While Driving

As you’re driving around Sedona, be it to a delicious meal (try Gerardo’s I swear it’s to die for) or for some shopping in Tlaquepaque, there is a good stretch of road between the two main areas of town. You can simply pull over where any sign says “viewpoint” and take a super quick walk for amazing views. We also passed the famous Church in the Rock probably 5x before I realized that we had passed it.

2 – Look Up Easy Hikes on AllTrails

AllTrails has become a godsend for me when it comes to finding hikes on trips. Simply download the app and search Sedona hikes. Then, filter by level of difficulty, distance, elevation gain, and more. Bell Rock and Secret Sliprock both provided easily accessible yet gorgeous views for sunrise, sunset, and dark sky shoots.

3 – Stay Somewhere With a View

The best, and easiest way to see Sedona is to stay somewhere with a stunning view. We stayed in this incredible VRBO and I couldn’t recommend it enough. We also traveled with a dog so having a house vs. an apartment or hotel room was imperative for us. But honestly, this VRBO was so incredible that I’d go back in a heartbeat.

4 – Restaurant Patios

Another easy way for good views is find restaurants known for their views and eat there. We had lunch at Sedona Beer Company one afternoon, and while we didn’t eat at Mariposa, we did stop in the parking lot and take in the view. I’ve heard the food is good, and if it’s anything like the view, I trust that it is.

So there we have it! These are just a few ways to see some beautiful views in Sedona, but I’m sure there are PLENTY more easy-to-access views. I’m dying to go back already, and you’ll love it just as much I’m sure.


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