3 Best Beaches on Praslin in the Seychelles

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Praslin is one of the most popular islands in the Seychelles and that is for good reason. Praslin beaches, hotels, and resorts are truly stunning, and there are so many things to do on this gorgeous island in the Seychelles. But topping that list has to be lounging on some of the world’s most pristine beaches. You might be wondering to yourself, “what is the best beach on Praslin” so that you can pick the one you absolutely need to visit, however I simply cannot choose a best one and you cannot make me.

The Short Version

So here is a collection of 3 of the best beaches on Praslin for you:

  • Anse Lazio
  • Anse Georgette
  • Côte D’Ore

The Long Version of the 3 Best Beaches on Praslin

How to Get to Praslin

You’re going to fly into the Seychelles International Airport on Mahé and you have two options to get to Praslin from there:

By Ferry

The ferry leaves from Mahé to go to Praslin 3x per day; at 8am, 10:30am, and 4:30pm. It only takes about an hour to get from Mahé to Praslin, and I found the ride to be quite pleasant.

By Puddle Jumper Plane

If you can’t make one of the ferry times for whatever reason, you can also take a small Air Seychelles plane from Mahé to Praslin. This is a 20 minute flight that I also found super easy, and the views were out of this world.

Where to Stay in Praslin

I stayed in this incredible rental – Villa Admiral – found on one of the beaches I mention in this list and I couldn’t have loved it more. It was perfect for two people; waking up to the sound of the ocean, and seeing it from the villa was magical. I literally couldn’t recommend Villa Admiral more.

But if you’re going to Praslin with more people or you want to stay more on the east side, definitely check out all of the beautiful Praslin hotels and resorts available for your trip:


3 Best Praslin Beaches

And we here we are, the good stuff. Here’s a little bit more about why I consider these 3 the best beaches on Praslin and what made me fall in love with each of them.

Anse Lazio

How to Get to Anse Lazio

Directions via Google Maps

It’s about the farthest north you can go on the east side of the island, and has a nice large parking lot so you don’t have to struggle to find parking. Once you’re driving and you start to see vehicles parked to the left and right in a lot, tha’s where you’ll get out and walk to the beach.

Why I Loved Anse Lazio

This was actually my favorite beach of my entire trip to the Seychelles, I loved it that much. Not only does it just have a long stretch of pristine, white sand, but it’s also got a lot of those famous Seychelles granite boulders. And lastly, the water was so calm you could just go walk in and sit and enjoy yourself without fighting waves or rocks or anything like that. It was perfection and I couldn’t recommend it enough; it has the number 1 spot on my list of best beaches on Praslin for a reason.


Anse Georgette

How to Get to Anse Georgette

Directions via Google Maps

Anse Georgette is the beach attached to the luxury resort property the Constance Lemuria. You will drive to the property and will have to park before the gate. From there, you’ll walk to the beach; the resort security guard will provide directions, and employees will help you if you get lost. This is about a 2 mile walk, out and back, through the resort’s golf course and some jungle. So if you’re going to visit Anse Georgette, I recommend packing a light beach bag, bringing some snacks, and being prepared to hang out for the day.

Why I Loved Anse Georgette

This is a perfect beach and is a best beach on Praslin for a reason. It’s this perfect little cove that feels private because it’s more of a challenge to get to. The water color is amazing, the rocks on the side are gorgeous, and it’s just stunning all around.


Côte D’Or

How to Get to Côte D’Or

Directions via Google Maps

This beach is huge and there are a lot of parking options simply along the road. Pick whatever is open, park, and head on down. You won’t have a bad slice of beach here.

Why I Loved Côte D’Or

This is a great beach to spend a day and still have lots of options for activities to bounce around to throughout the day if you want. I described Anse Georgette as a Praslin beach you need to be prepared to hunker down at, and Cote D’Or the opposite. You can go in and out of all day should you want! Why is that? Well, Côte D’Or is super close to the little village full of restaurants, bars, casinos, hotels, and more. It’s just so easy to spend a day here, and the water is beautiful.


So there you go, the 3 best beaches on Praslin in the Seychelles. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out. To see more of my on-the-ground Praslin and Seychelles experience, check out my Seychelles playlist on TikTok and my Seychelles Story Highlights on Instagram.

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