What to Pack for the Seychelles • Ultimate Seychelles Packing List

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The Seychelles are truly paradise on earth and you’re going to have an absolutely magical time visiting them. Whether you’re looking for a perfect beach vacation or exploring the wildlife of the Indian Ocean, or trying to find the best possible honeymoon destination in the world, the Seychelles are going to amaze you. But you’ll want to make sure you have everything you need for the perfect beach vacation and know just what to pack for the Seychelles. So here is the ultimate packing list for the Seychelles and everything you’ll need for a good trip to paradise!

What to Pack for the Seychelles • The Short Version

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Seychelles Packing List • The Long Version

All of the things on this list are things I brought with me to the Seychelles for my honeymoon and were on my personal Seychelles packing list. So while some of these links are going to be affiliate links that I may earn a commission from if you purchase, I have genuinely used and loved all of these items.


Beach & Tropical Clothes

You don’t need to pack all that much as far as clothes go to be honest. I spent most of my days in or around the water, and really only wore clothing that wasn’t swim-beach specific for dinner. So while I’m definitely going to include some more traditional clothing items in this Seychelles packing list, don’t think you have to pack all that many of each. Here are some pieces to consider:

  • Comfortable, flowy dresses
  • Shorts and tank tops or cozy t-shirts
  • If you want to pack pants, make sure they’re linen and/or lightweight

Mostly, you just want to be comfortable. The Seychelles are hot year-round and any time spent outside has the potential to get hot and sweaty, so pack your most comfortable, summer outfits to stay comfortable and cool.

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Comfortable Footwear

When it comes to what to wear in the Seychelles on your feet, you’re almost certainly going to spend most of your time in flip flops at the beach. So overall, bring comfortable summer footwear, or if you’re planning on doing any hiking prepare for that as well.

  • Flip flops / beach sandals
  • 1 nice pair of shoes, if you want
    • Nice sandals, but no need for heels or anything like this
    • Closed toe shoes for men, just in case
  • If planning to hike, bring a hiking shoe/boot that is water or mudproof

Swim & Beach Gear

If you’re like me you’re planning on spending most of your Seychelles vacation in the unimaginably beautiful waters, so your list of what to pack for the Seychelles is mostly swim and beachwear.

  • Swimsuits
  • Cover-ups (at least one that will cover shoulders in case of sunburn)
  • Beach Hat
  • Beach bag

Personal Care

I think what you bring from a personal care perspective is totally up to you. I’m pretty low maintenance when traveling to tropical destinations and rarely even wear makeup because it either comes off in the water or I sweat it off anyway. But there are some things you should definitely consider bringing with you to the Seychelles (or at least picking up once you get there), no matter what your makeup or skincare routine looks like.

  • Reef-safe sunscreen
  • Aloe vera or anything to help you heal a sunburn
  • Any makeup you do bring, make sure it’s waterproof
    • I will make one specific product recommendation though and that is this eyebrow gel, it is the absolute best in the game and kept my babies in place all day every day

Gadgets & Things For the Plane

No packing list to anywhere abroad is going to complete without some gadgets to keep yourself occupied on the plane and also some things to help you exist outside of your own country.

  • Universal power adapter – I love this one because it has tons of USB plugins on it as well
  • AirFly for the plane so that you can use your bluetooth headphones with the entertainment console and not have to use the ones the airline gives you
  • AirTag so you always know where your luggage is
  • Portable power pack
  • LARQ self-cleaning UV water bottle so that you always have clean, drinkable water and don’t have to buy plastic bottles everywhere

Camera Equipment

If you’re a photographer or have nice photography equipment, you’ll definitely want to bring it to the Seychelles. This tropical paradise is a photographer’s dream and is so beautiful you’ll want to document everything. So when pondering what to pack for the Seychelles, definitely consider some of your gear.

  • Sony a7iii – this is my camera and I absolutely love it but bring your favorite camera and lenses
  • DJI Mini 3 Pro drone – this was the GOAT on my trip and I got so many amazing drone photos and videos
  • Underwater Camera – if you’re doing any snorkeling or scuba, you’ll want to capture that beauty; I have the GoPro HERO9 Black and I love it
  • Peak Design tripod – I love this one because it’s very light , but still sturdy and is perfect for travel but but pack whatever one you have and love

So there you have it, everything I consider a must-have for any Seychelles packing list. Hopefully this helps answer your questions around what to pack for the Seychelles and you feel more prepared than ever to take your dream vacation! As always, please reach out with any questions you may have around this Seychelles packing list, or the Seychelles in general. And if you want to see more boots-on-the-ground experiences from my trip, check out my Instagram story highlights and my TikTok playlist. Happy and safe travels!

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