What to Do in Caye Caulker – 4 Day Belize Itinerary

So you want to go to one of the most incredible islands in one of the most stunning countries in the Caribbean? I can’t blame you, you’ve got good taste! After I got back from Belize, I immediately told my friends they all must visit Caye Caulker. Lucky for them – and you – I’mContinue reading “What to Do in Caye Caulker – 4 Day Belize Itinerary”

Manuel Antonio Travel Guide – Your Perfect Trip

I’m going to start this Manuel Antonio travel guide with a very dumb but very true backstory. Costa Rica was my fiancé’s and my first trip abroad together. To build his comfort with a big trip so far from home, I asked him what he wanted to see on this trip. He responded with hisContinue reading “Manuel Antonio Travel Guide – Your Perfect Trip”

Tips for a Day Trip from Sydney to the Blue Mountains

Planning to take a day trip to the Blue Mountains from Sydney? You can absolutely do it, and here are my recommendations on how to make your day even better: Take public transit there instead of renting a car; save yourself the money. It’s about a 90 minute ride each way. And in that 90Continue reading “Tips for a Day Trip from Sydney to the Blue Mountains”

How to Do One Day in Northern Ireland

The Short Version Are you asking yourself, “how do I do one day in Northern Ireland?” Well, let me tell you. You can absolutely do Northern Ireland in a day leaving from Dublin. Here is where you can for sure hit up with plenty of time to spare, assuming you leave early: Dark Hedges Giant’sContinue reading “How to Do One Day in Northern Ireland”

5 Must-Pack Items for Phuket, Thailand

THAILAND. We’ve all seen the photos. We’ve all read some blogs. We’ve all dreamed of going. So you finally decided, FUCK IT, I’M GOING TO PHUKET. Yes I’m proud of that, no I don’t regret it. So, you’re going to Phuket. What do you need? Here’s what I learned is an absolute necessity for goingContinue reading “5 Must-Pack Items for Phuket, Thailand”

Where to Eat During Your Ireland Road Trip

I’ve got to admit, I wasn’t terribly excited for Irish food. I’d heard about the beauty of the countryside and the cliffs and the tiny roads, but I’d never really heard anything about the food. This, to me, isn’t necessarily a sign of a country’s good standings with visitors’ tastebuds. Good thing for you, I’mContinue reading “Where to Eat During Your Ireland Road Trip”

How to do Sydney in One Day

During our Aussie trip, we knew we were going to spend a few days in Sydney. We knew one full day was going to be devoted to the Blue Mountains and that we had roughly two and a half additional days in the city. So, what to do, what to do? We were originally planningContinue reading “How to do Sydney in One Day”

Lady Elliot Island – Great Barrier Reef NOT TO MISS

The Short Version If you are going to be closer to Brisbane/Gold Coast/Sydney and can’t make it up to Cairns to see the reef, a quick flight out to Lady Elliot Island could be just the perfect solution for you. The Long Version Seeing the Great Barrier Reef has been an actual bucket list itemContinue reading “Lady Elliot Island – Great Barrier Reef NOT TO MISS”

5 Lessons I Learned from my First Trip to Asia

I didn’t know what to expect on my first trip to Asia, other than gorgeous water. And I’ve got to say, I’m in love with Southeast Asia at this point. Thailand was always a dream (I mean… you saw “The Beach” right?) and finally getting to go was such an intense life goal. I’m notContinue reading “5 Lessons I Learned from my First Trip to Asia”