5 of the Best Lobster Rolls in Portland, Maine

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If you’re like me and you’re spending any amount of time in Maine, you’re going to attempt to eat a lobster roll at every meal. And you know what? I love that for us. And something else I love for us is that Portland literally has so many incredible options for lobster rolls. You can basically get one at every turn, which is beyond amazing, and very important criteria for deciding on a travel destination if you ask me. Each time I’ve been to Portland I’ve eaten a bunch of lobster rolls, and I happen to think I’ve figured out some of the top rolls in town. So, without further ado, these are 5 of the best lobster rolls in Portland, Maine after having visited the gorgeous port city three times.

By the way, shoutout to Visit Maine for sponsoring this blog post! I had a blast partnering with them on my most recent trip to Maine. Visit Maine is the state’s official tourism board, so make sure to check out their amazing resources for planning your next trip. However, Visit Maine did not influence my list of the 5 best Portland, Maine lobster rolls at all. This list is strictly curated by the tastebuds of yours truly.

The Short Version of the Best Lobster Rolls in Portland, Maine


The Long Version of the Best Lobster Rolls in Portland, Maine

I want to preface the long version of this list by saying I had so many amazing lobster rolls in Portland, Maine but these ones were my absolute favorites. You cannot go wrong no matter what in my opinion. But, these are the lobster rolls – in no particular order – I believe you should prioritize if say, you’re spending just a weekend in Portland. But before we dive into the restaurants that offer the best lobster rolls, let’s get your Portland trip planned.

Rent a Car in Portland, Maine

If you’re going to be finding the best lobster rolls in Portland, Maine, the easiest way to get from meal to meal is by driving.

Where to Stay in Portland, Maine

In between finding the 5 best lobster rolls in Portland, Maine you’ve got to sleep, right? Inhaling lobster rolls for every meal takes it out of ya!


More Things to Do in Portland, Maine That Aren’t Eating the Best Lobster Rolls

Looking for things to do outside of just crushing lobster rolls in Portland, Maine? Take a look at some of these tours!

Where to Eat the Best Lobster Rolls in Portland, Maine

Bite Into Maine

Bite Into Maine WebsiteGoogle Map

You can find Bite Into Maine in the parking lot of the Portland Headlight which is SUCH a clutch location. See one of the most iconic lighthouses in the world and wash down that beauty with one of the best lobster rolls in Portland, Maine? Done!

This little food truck has lots of nontraditional lobster roll options (like yellow curry and chipotle) but the main event is watching them pour butter from a little stainless steel teapot onto your roll. It is heavenly and you absolutely must get one.

Something else that sets them apart? You can get lobster rolls delivered nationwide. Is it expensive? Sure. But if you’re craving that authentic lobster roll you had on that sunny day in Maine… what even is cost?

Eventide Oyster Company

Eventide Oyster Company WebsiteGoogle Map

You will see this spot on any “best lobster rolls in Portland, Maine” list and that’s for good reason. This spot has a LONG line from the minute it opens because their brown butter lobster rolls are to die for. It’s hard to describe why exactly they are so good, but they just are.

These rolls are smaller, so you might want to get two+ to get your fill. And honestly, even if one fills you up, it simply will not be enough for your tastebuds. These are so good.

Pro tip? If you don’t have the time or desire to wait for a table to open up (and you will unless you get there RIGHT at open), order your lobster roll to go and eat it down the street at some picnic tables. Highly recommend that option for enjoying one of the best lobster rolls in Portland, Maine.


The Highroller Lobster Company

The Highroller Lobster Company WebsiteGoogle Map

Wow. Just wow. This place definitely earns a spot on ANY “best lobster rolls in Portland, Maine” list and if you don’t see it on said list… I don’t know that I’d trust it.

Like Bite Into Maine, The Highroller Lobster Company has a lot of less traditional but INCREDIBLE flavors to try. AND they have a lobster roll flight! Is that the best sentence I’ve ever written? Maybe. But you can get three smaller versions in whatever flavors you want to try out. And I highly recommend doing so!

I got a flight with red pepper mayo, garlic aioli, and a traditional warm butter lobster rolls and I am legitimately salivating thinking of them. I went on a Friday night at about 8pm or so and it wasn’t busy at all. It should have been though based on how good that flight was. This has got to be the spot with some of the absolute best lobster rolls in Portland, Maine. Just, wow.

Luke’s Lobsters

Luke’s Lobsters WebsiteGoogle Map

This is the perfect spot if you want both one of the best Portland, Maine lobster rolls but also a delicious Portland, Maine view. It’s right on the waterfront, the restaurant is super adorable, and you can watch the boats come and go with their daily catch. This is definitely an awesome experience in addition to an amazing meal. Luke’s apparently also has a few other restaurants throughout the US, but this location is its flagship spot and is definitely the one to try first.

Susan’s Fish-n-Chips

Susan’s Fish-n-Chips WebsiteGoogle Map

I loved this spot. Susan’s Fish-n-Chips is out of what I’d consider the more touristy area and feels more like a local spot. This was probably the heftiest of the lobster rolls I’ve gotten in Portland, Maine, which is a huge win in my book. It’s just classic and really, really good. The vibe of the restaurant is cute and kitschy without being overboard (no pun intended because of course it’s a nautical theme), and if you don’t feel like dealing with the traffic of the port area, this is an awesome spot to get your lobster roll fix.

So there you go, the five best lobster rolls in Portland, Maine according to yours truly. I’m 1,000% ready to go to Portland for a fourth time and hopefully add more amazing spots to this list, but for now this is where I stand. As always, feel free to reach out with any questions, and I’m happy to help you plan your next Portland, Maine trip! And if you couldn’t already guess, it MUST include eating at one of these five best lobster roll restaurants. It simply must!

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