Where to Eat During Your Ireland Road Trip

I’ve got to admit, I wasn’t terribly excited for Irish food. I’d heard about the beauty of the countryside and the cliffs and the tiny roads, but I’d never really heard anything about the food. This, to me, isn’t necessarily a sign of a country’s good standings with visitors’ tastebuds. Good thing for you, I’m here to tell you exactly where to eat in Ireland for your road trip for the following towns:

  • Dublin
  • Derry
  • Sligo
  • Galway
  • Moher
  • Dingle
  • Cork
  • Cobh

All of my concerns were thwarted. I ate my ass off throughout that country and everything was delicious. Why was I an idiot who didn’t even think about how fresh seafood would be on a little island? I don’t know.. but I can tell you I ate my weight in it!

Want to know some good restaurants in each of the towns we visited during our trip (see our itinerary for reference)? Keep reading then, girl:


Elephant & Castle

I had some amaaaaazing lamb here and even though my heart felt terrible about it, I felt that I should give it a go while I was there. It was exquisite. Additionally the website says they have Dublin’s best wings and honestly they might not be wrong, they were great. This was in Temple Bar and was a great dinner before a night out.

Arthur’s Pub

Seafood stewwwwww! And a glass of whiskey, of course. This is an awesome old pub that was very close to the Guinness Storehouse and lots of other tourist destinations.

I don’t have a good image but the very first story on my Ireland highlight is from Arthur’s if you want to give the restaurant a vibe check.


More seafood and lots of different oysters – anything and everything to try! This is a tiny little adorable restaurant, so to get a seat you’ll definitely want to sneak in outside of peak hours. Again, was too exited to eat and forgot to take a photo but would definitely recommend.


Mandarin Palace

We were in Northern Ireland for <24 hours and honestly, we only went here because everything else was closed at like 8pm. It was fine other than it baaaasically giving my friend food poisoning. But plus sides? There was a photo of the owner dressed as Elvis on the wall and we got these weird appetizer things that looked like styrofoam. We honestly had no idea what to do with them and my friends dipped them in the water because we had no idea what we were doing. Turned out they tasted like garlic. Who knew? Also don’t dip them in the water…


The Harp Tavern

This was a great little pub we stopped in after visiting the Sligo Abbey. I had a classic fish and chips, and was very pleased with it and the beer selection. Great little patio and super friendly staff.


Corrib House Tea Room

I had the MOST INCREDIBLE seafood stew and soda bread here I will literally die thinking about it.

Pie Maker

This might be the smallest restaurant I’ve ever seen in my life, but it was delicious. As you could guess, it served pies. We had meat pies and dessert pies and honestly, you can’t go wrong. But just like with Klaw, it’s very small and to get a spot you’ll need to get a seat outside of peak hours. Also, randomly, I’m pretty sure the seats are church pews and you will have to maintain impossible posture to enjoy your meal but man… it’s worth it.


Vaughan’s Anchor Inn

DELICIOUS. Had some fried lobster bites and if I were to have gotten hit by a truck leaving the restaurant, I would have died happy.



We stopped in here for dinner one night and I got some baked fish and veggies. Very traditional, very good. We also had some shots because it was a pub and why not?

Reel Dingle Fish

BEST. FISH & CHIPS. EVER. Hands down. If this where to eat in Ireland guide tells you one thing, it’s that these are the best fish and chips ever. There were a ton of different sauces you could get with them too and I swear I want to buy it and ship it home and bathe in it.


Fenton’s was ADORABLE. It was located in what appeared to be a familial home and the menu was fresh and changes often. Literally can’t go wrong ordering any entree but what you SHOULD NOT forget to order is dessert because wow my whole mouth was blown away.


Market Lane

This cute, trendy restaurant was in the middle of the shopping area and was a great break from the day. Another place where everything on the menu is delicious and you can’t really go wrong. Another place where I got too excited to eat and forgot photos. I’m sorry! But please trust me, it was fabulous.



After an entire trip, I decided to try a traditional Irish breakfast. I feel like a “where to eat in Ireland” list would be incomplete without it! Luckily for me, it did not disappoint. Even blood sausage and all the other weird looking/sounding stuff; I was pleased and would definitely recommend. ALSO, the chai latte changed my life and I don’t know I’ll ever have another one again because it was so good.

Now, go plan your road trip, plan where to eat in Ireland, and and roll around happy and full like I did.


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