6 Easy Photo Spots in New York City

Woman standing in the corner of a deck in Hunter's Point South Park in Queens, New York, looking out to the NYC skyline

Headed to the greatest city in the world and want to snag some iconic photos for Instagram or TikTok that are easy to get to? We all know that New York City is FULL of gorgeous skylines, architecture, parks, and more, so it might be overwhelming trying to decide where to go to snap photos. Because honestly, NYC is a photographer’s dream and really anywhere can be anything magical. AND you’re only there for so long and want to make sure to see all the amazing sights you want to see while also capturing these moments with your phone/camera. Lucky for you, there are so many spots that are iconic and fun to visit in addition to being so worth stopping at for a few pics. So here are six easy New York City photo spots to amp up in your Insta.

The Short Version

  1. DUMBO in Brooklyn
  2. The Edge in Hudson Yards, Manhattan
  3. Central Park in Manhattan
  4. Hunter’s Point South Park in Queens
  5. Any rooftop in Brooklyn
  6. Broadway at night in Manhattan

The Long Version of Easy & Iconic New York City Photo Spots

Now you may see this list and be like “wow there are so many more iconic New York City photo spots you missed on this list like this one and that one” and you know what, you’re right! There are so many more. But I chose these six specifically because I wanted to create a list of iconic NYC Instagram spots that were easy to get to AND you could weave into a first-timer’s New York City itinerary super easily. Pretty much any of these shots you can accomplish by doing what you would normally do during a long weekend in New York City. There are SO many more (like sunrise on the Brooklyn Bridge or Times Square) that you can add into the mix but those require a little more effort. But these ones? Stunning and easy NYC photo spots.



Neighborhood in Brooklyn • Google Maps to Photo Spot

Okay seriously this may have been my favorite afternoon in NYC. I adored just wandering around Brooklyn, hanging out at Brooklyn Bridge Park, grabbing a lobster roll from the little food truck right there, and just sitting in the gorgeous New York City summer sun. You can do all of that AND walk over quickly to take that iconic photo of the Brooklyn Bridge between the buildings? Obsessed.

2. The Edge

Building in Hudson Yards, Manhattan • Google Maps

This is one of the best views of the NYC skyline you can get. Buy your tickets online, and if you can go for sunset definitely do that! I would also recommend meeting up with someone else or going with your travel buddy. I went by myself and while I was able to befriend some people who were able to take a photo of me with my camera (I didn’t have my tripod) there were so many more I wanted but couldn’t capture because I didn’t want my camera out of sight or I had no way to get it without bothering other visitors. So this is DEFINITELY one of the best New York City photo spots in my book, but made even better if you go with a friend/partner/whomever.

3 – Central Park

Neighborhood: Manhattan • Google Maps to Umpire Rock • Google Maps to The Mall

No trip to New York City is complete without strolling through the world famous Central Park. It’s truly such an oasis in the concrete jungle. There are SO MANY gorgeous spots to take photos from here, that really you could just walk around for a few hours and capture any views you like – which will be many! Not only is it just a fun use of your time in the city, but also a good way to scope out photo spots. A couple of my favorite spots were the Umpire Rock and The Mall.


4 – Hunter’s Point South Park

Neighborhood: Queens • Google Maps

This might seem like the most out-of-the-way spot on this list but truly, Queens has stellar skyline views that shouldn’t be missed. Also the food (*starts drooling*), but that’s a totally different discussion. This park is on the waterfront with prime views. It’s less busy than what I experienced in Brooklyn and other spots on the list, and is super quick and easy to get to from the subway. Highly recommend stopping here for a stellar NYC Instagram shot.

5 – Any Rooftop in Brooklyn

Neighborhood: Brooklyn

Is this vague? Sure. But is it accurate? Definitely. Find yourself a Brooklyn rooftop (bar, restaurant, whatever it is) and you’ll get some amazing views and photos of the famous New York City skyline. If you can get there for sunset? Even more incredible. Chef’s kiss!

6 – Broadway at Night

Neighborhood: Manhattan • Google Maps

Broadway is such a New York City staple. It’s an incredible Instagram or photo spot, and something magical to explore. New York City has its own special energy, and Broadway has its own even within. Grab tickets to a show and go snap some photos outside the theatre before you go in! You won’t regret it.

Excursions and Tours Perfect For More New York City Photo Spots

Need something to fill the time between unofficial photo shoots? Look no further!

So there you go! My six favorite easy photo spots in New York City. Feel free to reach out with any questions or comments, and check out my Instagram NYC story highlights for more of my shenanigans visiting NYC.

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