A Salem Day Trip Just in Time for Spooky Season

Allison's house from Hocus Pocus

Have you already gotten your first pumpkin-flavored item? Are you busting out your plaid and sweaters? Have you already started watching “Hocus Pocus” on repeat? Well then, it is time for you to plan your Salem day trip!

Salem, Massachusetts is a hot spot for fall trips because it’s home to so many Halloween activities. If you’ve got one day in Salem, I’ve got just what you need.

The Short Story

These are the must-hit spots on your Salem day trip:

  • Witch House
  • Salem Witch Museum
  • Allison’s house from Hocus Pocus
  • The Dennison House from Hocus Pocus
  • Honestly, just walk around a lot. There’s a ton of cute stuff to see just walking through this cute, small town.

The Long Story

I went to Salem with some friends of mine just a couple of days after Halloween. It still had plenty of tourists, and all of the Halloween decor and activities were still open. I don’t think it’s necessary to go to Salem during October – which is undoubtedly its busiest month – but I totally get it if you want to. You know, just to get that vibe.

Additionally, I’m not sure that you necessarily need a car to have a fun day in Salem, but it was helpful for us just to have our own time to do everything. However, Salem isn’t a large town so we did mostly walk everywhere. I’m generally a fan of this, so was happy to, but if you’re trying to dress super cute and witchy, take your footwear into account.

Witch House

I wasn’t entirely sure what the Witch House was before going, but it’s painted this spooky matte black and looked ready for us to enter. Turns out, it was actually the home of a judge who preceded over the Salem Witch Trials. The home is one of the last historical buildings with direct ties to the Witch Trials, and it was super interesting to walk through.

This tour doesn’t take a long time, and is rather inexpensive if I remember. There are also guides in the home that can give you some extra information on pieces if you have questions. This was a super interesting look back into New England life during the 1600s, and I highly recommend it.

Salem Witch Museum

We were pretty excited to go here, and as was the rest of the town it appeared. The Salem Witch Museum was definitely the busiest activity of the day. We also went around sunset, which probably didn’t help as I’m sure others were looking to get some spooky vibes as well.

While this museum isn’t the historical relic like the Witch House is, it is incredibly interesting. You sit in this large room with probably 100 other people and you listen to the history of the Salem Witch Trials. The history plays while there is a type of show going on for you to follow visually as well. I don’t really know how to describe it, but know that it’s interesting and worth attending.

Allison’s House from Hocus Pocus

This house is gorgeous, and is pretty close to the main street. We simply walked on over and took pictures in front of it, as well as walked around the property and area. It gave my millennial woman heart some serious nostalgia. This house is open to the public, so feel free to take pictures and walk yourself around.

Dennison House from Hocus Pocus

Continuing the ride on the nostalgia train, we headed over to the Dennison house. We had actually parked near the witch museum, so drove over here since it is by the water. It was pretty peaceful and we were really the only tourists checking out the home. However, this is private property, so be respectful because people actually live here. We didn’t walk onto the property at all, but took pictures from the street. Rumor has it the homeowners are cool and understanding of tourists, but you still always want to be kind and considerate of others, particularly as a traveler.

Plan Your Perfect Salem Day Trip

If you’re a huge Hocus Pocus fan and want to really pack it all in on your day, there are a few other movie spots you can check out on your Salem day trip.

And there you have it! A great day spent in one of the Halloween capitals of the USA. Just as the Sanderson sisters would, grab your broom (or mop… or vacuum…) and fly!

Looking for more of my travel tips and insights? My blog is full of them. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, shoot me a message and I’d be thrilled to chat!


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