7 Day Tanzania Safari • All About the Best African Safari Honeymoon

An African safari is an absolute dream trip, and going on a 7 day Tanzania honeymoon safari with my animal-loving husband has got to be up there with one of the best ways to experience it. But, where do you start with the planning process when figuring out an African safari? There are so manyContinue reading “7 Day Tanzania Safari • All About the Best African Safari Honeymoon”

6 Day Winter Iceland Road Trip Itinerary

Going to Iceland during the coldest months of the year might seem like a crazy idea but I have to say a winter trip to Iceland is absolutely incredible! There are so many unique things that winter in Iceland can offer; ice cave tours through glaciers, northern lights hunting, and such amazing beauty you’ll findContinue reading “6 Day Winter Iceland Road Trip Itinerary”

Ultimate First Timer’s Travel Guide to Tulum

By now you’ve almost certainly heard of Tulum for its amazing beaches, access to nearby cenotes, party scene, and seaside Mayan ruins. But what else do you need to know before you visit that beautiful beach town in Mexico? I’m going to help break down everything you need to know as a first timer toContinue reading “Ultimate First Timer’s Travel Guide to Tulum”

Hidden Gems: 2 Best Cenotes Near Tulum

I already knew one of the best things to do in Tulum is to visit some of the many nearby cenotes. So, when I finally visited, I wanted to go on a tour of some of said famous Tulum cenotes, but didn’t really know where to start considering how many there are. There are soContinue reading “Hidden Gems: 2 Best Cenotes Near Tulum”

10 Fun Things to Do in Portland, Maine

Are you looking up New England towns for a quick weekend getaway and asking yourself, “Is Portland, Maine worth visiting?” because the answer is absolutely yes. The east coast’s Portland is honestly so cute and definitely worth a stop on your New England trip. I’ve been three separate times and each time I’m enchanted byContinue reading “10 Fun Things to Do in Portland, Maine”

Palccoyo: Hike Peru’s Alternate Rainbow Mountain

Planning a Peru vacation and getting all of your hikes and excursions in order? Peru’s famous rainbow mountain should TOTALLY be on your list. BUT, did you know that the rainbow mountain you’re probably thinking of – Vinicunca – isn’t the only rainbow mountain in Peru? AND, did you know that the other one –Continue reading “Palccoyo: Hike Peru’s Alternate Rainbow Mountain”

8 Fun Things to Do on Peaks Island in Maine

Finding yourself wanting to take the ferry from Portland, Maine over to Peaks Island for a day? Well, if the island life is one you subscribe to, Peaks Island will not disappoint. This is a tiny island that is truly about living slow and enjoying the natural beauty around you. You’re not going to findContinue reading “8 Fun Things to Do on Peaks Island in Maine”

Peru Itinerary • 10 Days of Adventure

Are you in the planning process of a trip to Peru? Well you are one smart cookie because Peru is absolutely stunning. There is so much to do and see, from some of the most impressive mountain ranges in the world to incredible ancient Incan civilizations and ruins. I was incredibly impressed by my 10Continue reading “Peru Itinerary • 10 Days of Adventure”

1 Day in Mount Rainier Itinerary • Sunrise Area

Washington is a beautiful state filled with so much natural beauty to see and so many amazing activities to do. And Mount Rainier National Park is absolutely a highlight in both of those areas. If you’re spending any time in Washington’s biggest city, then a Mt Rainier day trip from Seattle is an easy andContinue reading “1 Day in Mount Rainier Itinerary • Sunrise Area”