Best Place to Snorkel in Belize

Belize, I adore you. You’re beautiful, laid back, and a good time. Oh… wait… sorry. You’re not Belize, you’re looking *for* Belize. My bad. Well, either way, I like you too because you’re planning a trip to this gem in the Caribbean. And I’ve got to tell you, not only is snorkeling in Belize amazing,Continue reading “Best Place to Snorkel in Belize”

Manuel Antonio Travel Guide – Your Perfect Costa Rica Trip

I’m going to start this “things to do in Manuel Antonio” travel guide with a very dumb but very true backstory. Costa Rica was my fiancé’s and my first trip abroad together. To build his comfort with a big trip so far from home, I asked him what he wanted to see on this trip.Continue reading “Manuel Antonio Travel Guide – Your Perfect Costa Rica Trip”