What to Expect on Your Big Island Manta Ray Snorkel

This nighttime oceanic experience was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done while traveling. Full stop. No questions. If a trip to do a manta ray snorkel on the Big Island is not in your books, you need to rewrite said book. Because it 100% needs to be. I’m serious, it was so cool.Continue reading “What to Expect on Your Big Island Manta Ray Snorkel”

The Perfect 4-Day Maui Itinerary

Picking an island to visit on your Hawaiian vacation is like picking a holiday shaped Reese’s… you kind of can’t go wrong, they’re all great. But if you’re planning your trip and you’ve decided you’ve got to hit up The Valley Isle, I’ve got a 4-day Maui itinerary that will allow you to experience theContinue reading “The Perfect 4-Day Maui Itinerary”