10 Tips for Your Road Trip of Ireland

So you’ve made the BRILLIANT choice to go on a road trip of Ireland? As a friend from afar, I cannot support this decision enough. Ireland is insanely gorgeous. I went with two of my best friends and we had the time of our lives. I am not a picky traveler, and they had reallyContinue reading “10 Tips for Your Road Trip of Ireland”

3 Day Yosemite Itinerary • Top Things to Do in Spring/Summer

Yo, so you wanna go to Yosemite? Do I apologize for that terrible joke? No, no I do not. If you’re still reading thank you, and let’s get to the actual good stuff (not bad jokes). So for real, Yosemite National Park is massive, and planning an itinerary for your visit can be difficult. UnlessContinue reading “3 Day Yosemite Itinerary • Top Things to Do in Spring/Summer”

5 Best Road to Hana Stops – You Can’t Miss These!

If you’re visiting Maui, there’s a 72% chance you’ll be braving the Road to Hana on your trip. Did I make up that statistic? Sure. But is it probably right? Unlikely. But was it fun to write anyway? You bet. BUT ANYWAY, if you’re headed to Maui and planning on braving the “Divorce Highway” (yesContinue reading “5 Best Road to Hana Stops – You Can’t Miss These!”

The Perfect 4-Day Maui Itinerary

Picking an island to visit on your Hawaiian vacation is like picking a holiday shaped Reese’s… you kind of can’t go wrong, they’re all great. But if you’re planning your trip and you’ve decided you’ve got to hit up The Valley Isle, I’ve got a 4-day Maui itinerary that will allow you to experience theContinue reading “The Perfect 4-Day Maui Itinerary”

3-Day Yellowstone Itinerary – Can You Do It?

Making like the rest of us during COVID and changing your travel plans up? Well, national parks are a great way to do that, and Yellowstone is the biggest one of all. This park is MASSIVE (check the map for reference), but we only had a few days to cram it all in. This mayContinue reading “3-Day Yellowstone Itinerary – Can You Do It?”

10 COVID Road Trip Tips & How to Stay Safe & Sane

If you’re anything like me, staying at home for months due to COVID was really starting to drive you crazy. Not because it wasn’t necessary, because it was. But because you had to cancel multiple trips and the definition of “exotic” became your new patio furniture. However, you also know that you can’t just ignoreContinue reading “10 COVID Road Trip Tips & How to Stay Safe & Sane”

14 Travel Tips For Yellowstone

Like a lot of avid travelers during COVID times, I too was itching to get away from home but wanting to do so in a safe way. A road trip out to Wyoming, filled with social distancing and beautiful views, was the perfect cure for the time being while we all patiently wait on ourContinue reading “14 Travel Tips For Yellowstone”

The Ideal Grand Teton & Yellowstone Packing List

So you’re like me and have decided it’s time to see some of the United States’ most beautiful national parks? I don’t blame you one bit. You may have just booked your hotel or Airbnb, or you may have your itinerary complete but need to know what you should pack. This is where I’m hereContinue reading “The Ideal Grand Teton & Yellowstone Packing List”

10 Day Ireland Road Trip Itinerary – Hits & Misses

If you’re here, you’re already probably interested in renting a car and making your way around the lovely island of Ireland. AND YOU’RE RIGHT! I’m so glad I listened to all the bloggers out there who recommended just renting a car and doing a 10 day driving tour of Ireland. You get to see SOContinue reading “10 Day Ireland Road Trip Itinerary – Hits & Misses”