Peru Itinerary • 10 Days of Adventure

Are you in the planning process of a trip to Peru? Well you are one smart cookie because Peru is absolutely stunning. There is so much to do and see, from some of the most impressive mountain ranges in the world to incredible ancient Incan civilizations and ruins. I was incredibly impressed by my 10Continue reading “Peru Itinerary • 10 Days of Adventure”

1 Day Itinerary for Valley of Fire State Park

You might be visiting Vegas for a few days or on a southwest road trip and asking yourself, “is Valley of Fire worth seeing?” and I am here to answer that question with a HELL YES. This state park is so beautiful and it honestly floored me with how much variation it had. There areContinue reading “1 Day Itinerary for Valley of Fire State Park”

Best Things to Do in Seattle • One Day in the City

Find yourself in the beautiful state of Washington and have the luxury of spending a day in Seattle? Well aren’t you lucky!? It is an absolutely gorgeous city and there are so many things to do in just one day in Seattle that I’m already dying to go back. The combination of mountains, volcano, andContinue reading “Best Things to Do in Seattle • One Day in the City”

How to Spend a Day at Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island

So you’re headed to Hawaii’s Big Island? I knew I liked you, I could just feel it. And while you’re there, you’re trying to decide if your Big Island itinerary should of a day at Volcanoes National Park, and I’m here to tell you it absolutely should. Volcanoes is enormously unique as it contains notContinue reading “How to Spend a Day at Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island”

Things to Do in Sequoia National Park • 3 Day Itinerary

My 3 days in Sequoia National Park were an absolute whirlwind in the best way! So much happened in just a couple days. I was scared on my first hike ever (more on that later, but we were in a snowstorm so normally you’d be fine but eek x100), I craned my neck staring atContinue reading “Things to Do in Sequoia National Park • 3 Day Itinerary”

What to Do in Caye Caulker • 4 Day Belize Itinerary

So you want to go to one of the most incredible islands in one of the most stunning countries in the Caribbean? I can’t blame you, you’ve got good taste! After I got back from Belize, I immediately told my friends they all must visit Caye Caulker. Lucky for them – and you – I’mContinue reading “What to Do in Caye Caulker • 4 Day Belize Itinerary”

The Ideal 4-Day Big Island Itinerary

Got Hawaii on your mind? I can’t say I blame you. The Aloha State is full of incredible scenery and ever since I got back I’ve been constantly dreaming of how quickly I can go back. Like, checking Google Flights on the regular to see if I can still make it back in time duringContinue reading “The Ideal 4-Day Big Island Itinerary”

A Day at Haleakala National Park

If you’ve become a national parks queen like me (I mean, I basically wrote a love letter to them), you can’t come to Hawaii without spending a day at Haleakala National Park. We spent a full day day there in order to experience an ancient volcano crater. There are other things to do in theContinue reading “A Day at Haleakala National Park”