5 Things to Do On a Weekend in Page, Arizona

Man and woman couple sitting along the edge at Horseshoe Bend in Page, Arizona

It is my not-in-any-way professional but very passionate belief that Arizona is a unappreciated gem, landscape-wise. You can go from cacti in the desert to snow-covered mountains in a short drive, and that is something I’m OBSESSED with. I’d been before, but wanted to spend more time for sure. So, when I decided I was doing a full month in the Grand Canyon State, I knew I wanted to spend a weekend in Page, Arizona.

You can absolutely jam pack a weekend in Page, Arizona with so many activities, we definitely did! And we still weren’t able to do everything we wanted, so I’ll include some stuff I’d consider a MUST if you can make it work, even though we couldn’t for a variety of reasons. And if we didn’t do it, I’m only including stuff I know multiple people personally who have been and were obsessed with it. I would never steer you wrong over here!

The Short Version

  1. Visit the iconic Horseshoe Bend
  2. Explore one of the insanely gorgeous nearby national monuments/wilderness areas
  3. Go on a Big Orange Jeep jeep tour
  4. Hike a slot canyon
  5. Head down to Lake Powell

Also, if you’re looking for somewhere to stay, we stayed in this VRBO that I loved. It’s perfect for a road trip, was close to everything but also far enough away to be quiet, and was super cozy. Did I take any pics of it? No, because I failed you all. But I did take a pic of a cute antique car out front, so that counts for something, right?


The Long Version of Your Weekend in Page, Arizona

1 – Visit Horseshoe Bend

This is a must-stop during your weekend in Page, Arizona, without a doubt. It’s iconic. It’s also HUGE. It’s a pretty short hike from the parking lot down to Horseshoe Bend and is super easy. Once you get down there it’s pretty much open season. There are a couple places with a railing but you’re pretty free to get as close as you’re comfortable with. As always, don’t be dumb. Keep a safe distance because Horseshoe Bend is WAY BIGGER in person than it looks like in photos.

Bonus recommendation? Either go super early to miss the crowds for sunset for an absolutely iconic view.

2 – Explore One of the National Monuments

There are a few national monuments right around Page and you could honestly probably spend a week exploring them. But for a weekend, I’d probably just pick one of these and build a day around it.

Vermilion Cliffs National Monument

This is where The Wave is, (which you need a permit for) but if you’re familiar at all with The Wave you can just guess that the the entire area is gorgeous. Here is a guide from Thrillist with all of the amazing spots you can see.

Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument

I REALLY, REALLY wanted to make it here but couldn’t due to time constraints. This monument looks absolutely stunning with so many day hikes and other beautiful sights to see. Next time I head back to Page, I’m definitely going to spend a day here. I’ll probably follow this guide or creep around on AllTrails for the best day hikes.


3 – Go on a Jeep Tour

This was a highlight of my weekend in Page, Arizona. We went with Big Orange Jeep tours and did the Skylight Arch Jeep Tour at/around sunset. It was SO fun, an we got so many amazing photos. You’ll be driving around on insane terrain that you can’t believe the jeep can drive over and then out to hike a little bit to some key geological formations. Our guide was the best, and I’d highly recommend this for any trip to Page.

4- Hike a Slot Canyon

There are so many slot canyons in/around the area that you could absolutely hit at least one during your weekend in Page, Arizona. The most famous is probably Antelope, but there are lots of different options! This is also one of those things we couldn’t do when we were int own (many of the options were closed) but I know a bunch of people who have hiked them and I’m incredibly jealous. These are some of the slot canyons in/around Page:

  • Upper or Lower Antelope Canyon – Lower is less busy and you can also kayak into the canyon if you want to
  • Marble Canyon
  • Stateline Canyon
  • Upper Kaibito Creek
  • Butterfly Canyon
  • Water Holes Canyon

5 – Head Down to Lake Powell

Lake Powell is definitely a massive part of Page, and there are tons of activities you can do while hanging out there. It’s in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, and we were able to hike around that quite a bit and get amazing views of the lake. But, you could, AND SHOULD, get up close and personal with it. Whether you want to go on a boat tour, pick up some kayaks, or wander around Wahweap Marina.

View of Lake Powell from above

So there you go! I hope this guide of things todo or Things I would do during a weekend in Page, Arizona is super helpful for you! Hopefully in a couple years I’ll be able to update this blog post with some more personal experiences, but for now I’ll still cling to the memories I have from there. As always, shoot me a message if you have any questions or anything, and check out my Instagram story highlights for an up-close look at these spots.


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