5 Things to Do On a Weekend in Page, Arizona

It is my not-in-any-way professional but very passionate belief that Arizona is a unappreciated gem, landscape-wise. You can go from cacti in the desert to snow-covered mountains in a short drive, and that is something I’m OBSESSED with. I’d been before, but wanted to spend more time for sure. So, when I decided I wasContinue reading “5 Things to Do On a Weekend in Page, Arizona”

8 Things to Do in Scottsdale, Arizona

People love Scottsdale for so many reasons and every reason is a correct reason to love it. It’s such a gorgeous city with a ton to offer. If you are looking for outdoor activities, Scottsdale has you covered. If you’re looking for great food, you can find it. If you’re looking for unique experiences, you’veContinue reading “8 Things to Do in Scottsdale, Arizona”

5 Tips for the Grand Canyon in Winter

They didn’t name it the Grand Canyon for nothing… it’s literally every bit of jaw-dropping beauty that everyone describes it as. And if anyone says they were underwhelmed by it you absolutely cannot trust that person because they are a psychopath. Kidding… mostly. ANYWAY, my first introduction to this incredible natural wonder was visiting theContinue reading “5 Tips for the Grand Canyon in Winter”

4 Easy Ways to Access Sedona Views

While a weekend in Sedona can mean challenging, incredible hikes, it doesn’t actually require an incredible amount of effort to find beautiful views. Personally, I was shocked by how accessible Sedona is. You really don’t need to expel a lot of energy to find insanely beautiful views; half the time you can just pull overContinue reading “4 Easy Ways to Access Sedona Views”