5 Tips for Visiting Iceland in Winter

While Iceland is an incredible year-round travel destination with immeasurable beauty, I happen to believe that winter has to be one of the best times to visit Iceland. There are so many unique and amazing things to do in Iceland in winter including exploring ice caves, chasing northern lights, and viewing some of the world’sContinue reading “5 Tips for Visiting Iceland in Winter”

Palccoyo: Hike Peru’s Alternate Rainbow Mountain

Planning a Peru vacation and getting all of your hikes and excursions in order? Peru’s famous rainbow mountain should TOTALLY be on your list. BUT, did you know that the rainbow mountain you’re probably thinking of – Vinicunca – isn’t the only rainbow mountain in Peru? AND, did you know that the other one –Continue reading “Palccoyo: Hike Peru’s Alternate Rainbow Mountain”

8 Fun Things to Do on Peaks Island in Maine

Finding yourself wanting to take the ferry from Portland, Maine over to Peaks Island for a day? Well, if the island life is one you subscribe to, Peaks Island will not disappoint. This is a tiny island that is truly about living slow and enjoying the natural beauty around you. You’re not going to findContinue reading “8 Fun Things to Do on Peaks Island in Maine”

17 Tips to Road Trip With Your Dog

Thinking about taking your dog on a road trip? Dreaming of how he or she will feel the wind in their ears, with a world of new scents to enjoy? Excited about the notion of your puppy exploring a new section of the world with you? Well good news because I have now taken twoContinue reading “17 Tips to Road Trip With Your Dog”